Building the Website Of Your Dreams

Our Process:

1. The Scribble Sessions
It all starts with a meeting. Or two. Or three. Face-to-face is great, but the phone also works. Especially if there is a follow-up mail-storm where ideas are shared in the form of images. During this phase we take notes. Lots of scribbled notes.

We talk about your business. We talk about your goals. We talk about your clients, or your investors, or you fans, or all of the above. We attempt to get into the minds of your target audience or audiences. We talk about what they might like to see, and how they might like to see it. Are these people likely to be analytical? Will they want lists and numbers and bottom-lines? Are they creative, visual, visionary? Or verbal? Some of each? We talk about how we can entice and rivet any and all who might wander your way.

Then we talk about you. We talk about what you're passionate about, which colors and ideas you love, and which you hate. If you have a logo or a layout or a heap of graphics from your designer we talk about how those things fit with your vision. We ask you to send us a list of the websites you most admire. Those that inspire deadly envy. Those are the websites we will plan to surpass.

By the end of this phase we know how many pages you want, and whether you need visual or functional bonuses such as animations, galleries, contact forms or mailing lists. We will know whether you need a content management solution like Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal, and whether you need e-commerce, or Facebook or Twitter integration. And if you'd like, we can even set you up with a domain name and hosting.

We also provide photography services - we can take beautiful, high-quality photgraphs of your product, your venue, or you. We can add the best of these to your website, and you will be free to use any you choose in all your marketing material.

At this point, Wicked Clever Designs provides an estimate and a schedule of deliverables. And then we get to work.

2. Cut. Paste. Code.
This is where we bring the scribbles home and work them obsessively. Metaphors are pondered. Photographs are taken. Images are analyzed. Color values are tweaked. There is much cutting and pasting. We send you some ideas and you love them or hate them. Or we sense your indifference and score that lower than hatred. We keep adjusting until we feel your enthusiasm. Around that time, we start coding.

The goal for this phase is a front page, layout, and menu system that knocks your socks off. We code up the basis of of your dream site, and we fine-tune the color, logo, layout and font until you are very happy with where we're headed.

3. Preparing for Launch
Once we're all on the same page, it's a matter of adding content, then finalizing the bells and whistles. This is where we pay very careful attention to visual details like javascript animations and image galleries and to functional details like contact forms, social media, and e-commerce. We have a look at the site on a great many different browsers, to make sure all is as it should be.

Once the site looks and performs exactly as it should, we still have a ways to go. This is when Wicked Clever Designs gets behind the scenes and optimizes the site so it can be found using the most likely search terms. We make a sitemap and submit it to the major search engines. And then we make it live.

4. Smooth Sailing
After your new website is up, we can help you bring traffic to it by integrating it with a Facebook page or Twitter feed, or a YouTube or Yelp account, as appropriate. We can help you announce your business with a press release, or simply by contacting journalists and bloggers and telling them the news.

We are always available if you need a little help with blogging or maintaining the site, and when you want to add new material or change your look, just say the word!